Nachi High Quality Front Load Maytag Washer Tub Bearing and Seal Kit Fits Tub W10253866


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as of 09/29/2022 (Details)

If you are not sure if this part will work for your washer please contact me with your model number and i will check for you. If the bearing and seal set you need is not in my amazon store please contact me.All of my bearing sets have ABEC 5* grade ball bearings. My bearings are high speed electric motor grade bearings. The same quality bearings I have been using in my own business here in Portland for the past 6 years without any issues. That is why I have stayed with them. I have personally installed over 500 of these bearing and seal sets myself.The fastest washer out there spins at 1500 RPM and my bearings and seals are rated for more than 6 times that speed and load. The smallest bearings I use are rated for 1740 LBS and the bigger bearings go up to over 4700 LBS. That's more weight than a Minivan.As for my seals, I buy them from Taiwan, Germany, and Japan depending on the size and availability. (USA made seals are not available in these sizes) All my seals are high quality, fully sprung, double lip seals and are the same ones I have been using for 6 years on my own machines.And please don't forget...... I give a 5 YEAR WARRANTY and UNLIMITED TECH SUPPORT.Things to know about ABEC ratings:1) Bearings not conforming to at least ABEC 1 can not be classified as precision bearings as their tolerances are too loose.2)Lower ABEC grades are intended for applications such as mechanical hobbies, skates, skateboards, fishing reels, and alike.3)Mid-range grades (ABEC 5) are intended for applications such as vehicles, electric motors and industrial machinery. The maximum allowable tolerance on these bearings is 0.0035 mm. These is the ones I sell.4) High grade bearings are intended for precision applications like aircraft instruments, jet engines, or surgical equipment. These can often cost many hundreds of dollars each.*(ABEC)-Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. The ABEC scale is the industry accepted standard for the tolerances of ball bearings.

Technical Details

  • Nachi Precision ABEC 5 rated bearings made in Japan.
  • Guaranteed to be an exact fit plus FREE tech support.
  • All my seals are stainless steel sprung double lip seals.
  • SUPER fast FREE PRIORITY MAIL shipping
  • Totally "No worries" return policy.

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