Names For Twins: 5000+ pairs of fun and distinctive baby names  for boy, girl, and mixed sets of twins


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Few things are more exciting - or complex - than choosing a child's name. The task is particularly difficult for parents of twins, who must choose two names that define their children's individual identities, complement the family's surname, and work together as a pair. On a practical basis, the stakes are high for these tiny babies, who must live with your decision for the rest of their lives. Even worse, you must make that decision before you know your babies' personalities and temperaments, which determines whether or not the names you have chosen truly "fit" them. This book, which presents more than 5,000 twin names in logical pairings, is the resource you need to choose distinctive names that will work for you and your family. Its chapters include: Popular Names Names that Rhyme Names that are Anagrams Christian and Biblical Names Names from Literature and Mythology Names from Popular Culture & Entertainment Names from Disney Names from Nature Last Names as First Names Named After Famous Places Names After Presidents and First Ladies Named After Famous Couples and Twins One Syllable Names Lengthy (Four Syllable) Names Unisex / Gender Neutral Names The Evolution of Names since 1900 Names with Similar Meanings Alphabetical Lists of Boy and Girl Names Few decisions will ever be this important - or fun - to make. Before you make such a huge commitment, explore your options in an exciting and creative way by reading Names for Twins.

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