Nancy Drew: Danger by Design – PC


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as of 04/21/2021 (Details)

Minette is rocketing to the top of the haute couture world as her fashion designs are being heralded as awe inspiring. She is trying to finish her Spring Collection on time, yet her investors are noticing something is amiss. Minette has ambitious deadlines but has fired most of her staff. She recently started wearing a mask and drinking unusual teas. Fearing that her collection will not be completed and that something underhanded is at work, a nervous investor has asked Nancy Drew to fly to Paris, assist Minette and find out what’s fueling the designer’s erratic behavior. Strange threats and unwelcome guests arrive for Minette. Unsettling rumors connecting the Moulin to an unsolved historic mystery distract Nancy from the current task at hand. As Nancy, players will check into Minette’s web of contacts for clues on her actions. From Minette’s old flame Dieter von Schwesterkrank to gorgeous model Jing-Jing Ling, deceit is woven deep within the fashion industry. Can Nancy help Minette deliver her Spring Collection in time? Stitch together the clues and unravel the culprit’s design!

Technical Details

  • Nancy Drew needs to fly to Paris to investigate the strange and unexplained behavior of Minette, a top fashion designer
  • You must sort through a wide web of suspects and unsettling rumors to look for clues
  • You'll meet Jing-Jing Ling, who may be out for revenge, and the famous photographer, Dieter von Schwesterkrank, who once had an ill-fated romance with Minette
  • Explore underground catacombs and abandoned metro stations for clues, and examines age-old stories and rumors
  • This exciting interactive game is rated "E" for everyone

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