Natren Gastro Vegi-Dophilus – 3 oz.


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as of 02/23/2024 (Details)

Gastro Vegi-Dophilus is a natural, chemical and filler-free refrigerated powdered probiotic for all pets. It is a new generation of probiotic supplement especially formulated for all types of animals, including newborns as well as older animals. This 3 Billion CFU (colony forming units) / gram probiotic blend gently restores essential beneficial microflora naturally occurring in the animal gastrointestinal tract, especially after disruption due to antibiotic use. Gastro Vegi Dophilus contains viable probiotic super strains which colonize the intestinal mucosa, thereby out-competing pathogenic bacteria for space in your animal’s intestines. It also enhances the benefits of supplements and special feeds. Natren probiotics are the true foundation for your pet's nutritional needs. Our probiotic powders are packaged in amber glass bottles with steel lids and shipped to you in a refrigerated box. We do this because probiotic bacteria can be killed by light, heat, pressure and moisture. We also guarantee our product's potency to expiration when refrigerated storage requirements are met.

Technical Details

  • Potency guarranteed through expiry. May improve nutrient absorption. Introduce healthy bacteria to newborn animals.
  • May be used for digestive disorders, diarrhea, gas, following weaning or before and after competions, breeding or administering medications.
  • May be used for animals with diarrhea, nutrient absortion problems, gas, bloating issues. May be used following antibiotic, deworming therapy.
  • Can be mixed in food, treats, fruits or mixed in chlorine-free water. Has a subtle yet sweet flavor that will not ruin any food's taste.
  • Backed by over 30 yrs of probiotic expertise by Natren.

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