Nature’s Way Siberian Eleuthero, 425mg Capsules, 100-Count


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as of 09/29/2023 (Details)

Siberian Eleuthero Root has a guaranteed natural potency of .065% eleutherosides. Siberian Eleuthero improves physical an mental vitality. It is an adaptogenic herb, which helps the body to adapt to daily stress. It is an ideal supplement for those leading a demanding and hectic lifestyle.Eleuthero is not from the same family as Panax, or Asian ginseng, although it has long been used as a cheaper substitute for ginseng. Like Panax ginseng, eleuthero is thought to be an adaptogen, or a substance that adapts itself to correct whatever is out of balance in the body. However, it's important to keep in mind that all the research performed on Panax ginseng simply does not apply to eleuthero—these plants do not have the same chemical makeup.

Technical Details

  • Siberian Eleuthero root is guaranteed to contain 0.06% eleutherosides.
  • Siberian Eleuthero is used to enhance physical and mental endurance and vitality.
  • It is an adaptogenic herb

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