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as of 01/27/2022 (Details)

Never lose your keys again and now with new slim tags never lose your wallet or remote again. This Locator system replaces the EZ-FIND Mini Starter Pack system which has been discontinued. The improved EZ-FIND! system has New SLIM Tags that are only .19 inches thick and a louder beeping mechanism. The system features a hand held device utilizing RF technology to locate lost items tagged with small EZ-FIND! Tags that beep. Finds them through walls, cushions, or other hidden places within 60 feet. Other locators use color codes to find lost items but with EZ-FIND! you wont need to remember a color code. You can personalize each menu item in the transmitter using a 12 alpha numeric easy text entry such as ""Mom's Keys or ""Dad's wallet"" Once the tags are programmed, just place them on the item you want to keep track of using provided rings or adhesive. When looking for the lost item just press ""FIND"" and a large beeping sound will steer you in the right direction to find the lost item Each tag has a long life battery and a low warning battery feature. Includes tags, batteries, adhesive, key rings. Its expandable so you can purchase additional tags for more items you want to track. Extra tag battery is included

Technical Details

  • Sleek, patented design
  • Tracks up to 25 personalized items
  • 12-character EZ read LCD display
  • Indoor/outdoor range 60/100 feet
  • Loud 92 decibel alarm

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