New Pack of 5 Air Filter For Echo 13031054130 Trimmer Blower A226001410 Mantis 130310-54130 SRM 210 225 HC150 Replace OREGON 30-119 Stens 102-565


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as of 06/30/2022 (Details)

Fit ECHO TRIMMERS:GT200, GT2000/SB, GT2000EZR, GT2000RGT200EZR, GT200i, GT200i/EZR, GT200RGT201/R, GT201EZR, GT201i, GT201i/EZRGT201R, GT225, GT225i, GT230GT231, GT2400, GT251, GT251/EHC150, HC150/151, HC1500, HC150i/151iHC151, HC160, HC160/161, HC1600HC161, HC165, HC180, HC180/181HC185, HC200, HC200/201, HC2000HC201, HC225, HC230, HC230/231HC231, HC233/234, HC235, HC2400/2410HC245, HCA265, HCR150,HCR150/151HCR1500, HCR151, PAS2000, PAS2100PAS211, PAS230, PAS230/231,PAS231PAS265,PB200, PB201, PB2100PE200, PE200/201, PE2000, PE201PE225, PE230, PE230/231, PE231PE265, PE265S, PPF210, PPF210/211PPF2100, PPF211, PPF2110, PPF225PPFD2400, PPSR2122, PPSR2433, PPT2100PPT230, PPT230/231, PT265, PPT265SSHC1700, SHC210, SHC210/211, SHC2100SHC211, SHC212, SHC225, SHC225SSHC265, SRM210, SRM210/SB, SRM2100/SBSRM210i, SRM210SB,SRM210U, SRM211/SBSRM2110, SRM211i, SRM211U, SRM225SRM225i, SRM225SB, SRM225U, SRM230SRM230/S, SRM230S, SRM230U, SRM231SRM231/S, SRM231U, SRM251, SRM251/ESRM265, SRM265S, SRM265T, SRM265UEDR260, TC210, TC210i, ES2000ES210, ES210/211, ES2100, ES211,ES2400FITS SHC1500,1600,2000,2400 AND FHC1700 AND 2100 HEDGE CLIPPERSThis is Non original aftermarket parts, please check the size for compatibility before ordering it, we have the great confidence with the quality of our parts and provide 6months warranty too.

Technical Details

  • New high quality aftermarket air filter
  • Replace ECHO 130310-54130 ECHO 13031054130 ECHO A226001410
  • Replace OREGON 30-119 Stens 102-565
  • Size: 2-5/8" X 2-5/8", 1/4" HOLE
  • Package includes 5pcs air filter, you will receive exactly what you see on the picture.

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