NEW Product! Coastal Pet Advance Potty Training Dog Bell Blue Plaid with Bones


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as of 12/02/2023 (Details)

Advance Potty Training bells make training your new puppy a little easier! Hang the ribbon with bells on your door knob and teach the puppy to jingle when he needs out. Potty training bells teach pups to communicate their need to go outside without scratching, whining or barking. Dogs of all ages can be trained to use potty training bells. This fashionable and functional product makes potty training your dog fun! Directions: Step 1: Hang or secure your Potty Training Bell on the door your dog uses to go outside. Potty training bells should stay on the door at all times to be accessible whenever your dog needs to go out. Step 2: Your dog needs to be taught to tap the bells with his paw, nose, or tail. To do that, familiarize your dog with the bells when it is time for him to go out to potty. Say "Let's go potty, ring the bells" while pointing to the potty training bells. Step 3: Help him ring the bells, then praise him and allow him to go out. To encourage the desired behavior, be consistent and use the same phrase and actions with your dog every time he needs to go potty, prompting him to ring the bells. Step 4: Eventually your dog will associate ringing the bells with being let out to do his business and will ring them on his own. Make sure you respond immediately to your dog ringing the Potty training bells to avoid accidents or unwanted behavior. Praise him every time. Note: This is a training device, not a toy!

Technical Details

  • Coastal Pet Products
  • New design in blue plaid with bones
  • Adjustable to 24" or 30"

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