Newborn Bassinet Insert for Halo Bassinets | Safe Real Cuddling Feeling for Better Sleep | Patent Pending


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as of 10/05/2022 (Details)

Do you (and your baby) need some sleep? Parents of babies who only sleep while held say that MySnuggly Newborn Bassinet Insert has finally given them a way for baby (and parents) to rest through the night. The Better Than Any Other Bassinet Insert In The Market Enjoy all the functions of your swivel and glide halo Essentia, Premier and Luxe, but with upgraded features not available on other branded inserts. See-Baby WindowMoms say our patented See-Baby window is a gamechanger. It lets them peek in (without distracting their baby), to keep an eye on baby as they sleep close by - and finally enjoy some needed rest for themselves. 100% Cotton Baby Snuggle PadMySnuggly designed this insert with easy-to-clean fabrics, including a 100% cotton pad that's perfect for newborns up to 4 months (or up to when baby starts rolling). This gives you a soft and comfy Insert that cleans up fast, so you can keep your baby's bedding fresh and Hypoallergenic. Breathable 3D MeshAs you check out the pictures you'll see how the 3D mesh on MySnuggly insert lets your baby breath freely in just about any position. Cuddling BumpersOur low profile Cuddling Bumpers snuggle your baby close and safe, as in a cradled-in-the-arms sensation that parents say calms even snuggly and wiggly babies. Quick SetupWe designed MySnuggly to be frustration-free with rugged Quick Clips that snap on easily and stay attached, so you can set up your insert fast, and confidently let your baby rest safe and secure.But don't take our word for it... Do yourself a favor, clip this bassinet insert in place and join other happy parents who say they are so happy to finally get some sleep at night, that they never put their little one to bed without MySnuggly.

Technical Details

  • Get-Sleep with MySnuggly Newborn Bassinet Insert: Happy moms and dads say this is a must-have for babies who only sleep when held; Our patented See-Baby window and Quick Clips let you set up fast and watch your baby sleep safe and sound - In fact, customers say this design saved their sanity in those first few months
  • See-Baby Upgrade: From the positive reports MySnuggly is the best insert in the market; Customers say this unique design allows you to use all the functions of your Halo swivel and glide system, with the addition of our patented See-Baby, one-way mesh window that lets you peek in without distracting your little one, so you can enjoy peaceful rest while watching your newborn sleep close by
  • Snuggly Swaddled Sleep for Baby: Customers who've spent their nights awake at 3am staring blurry-eyed at the clock, say they won't put their baby to bed without this insert: Our unique breathable 3D safety mesh and 100% cotton safe flat pad snuggles your baby close (like a hug) to comfort wiggly and colicky babies with a held-in-the-arms feeling that's super comfy and always safe
  • Frustration-Free, Hypoallergenic Safety Insert: Halo Bassinest owners say the quality fabrics and thoughtful design makes MySnuggly a perfect fit for their Bassinets; Our rugged Quick Clips attach easily to keep baby cradled safe and secure, and our washable fabrics let you clean up messes quickly so your baby always has fresh, safe bedding
  • Newborn to 4-months Sleep Solution: Customers say that our proprietary anatomical pad design works for newborn babies up to 4 months (generally when they start rolling) to keep baby sleeping safely, while the nest design is great for naps or all night sleeping - but don't take our word for it, do yourself a favor and snap a MySnuggly into place on your own Bassinet and enjoy a good night's rest for baby - and for you

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