Northern Light Technology Boxelite-OS 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Light Box, Black


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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

The Boxelite is an affordable light box that emits diffuse light through the large front panel measuring 12 inches x 15 inches. The panel's angle can be easily adjusted and offers 5 elevation settings making it extremely versatile and pleasant to use while reading, eating etc. This highly efficient unit draws only 85 watts, yet delivers 10,000 lux at a comfortable, class-leading distance of 17 inches. The Boxelite is ideal for bright light therapy but may also be used at the office or for any task that requires bright lighting. 7 year unlimited warranty

Technical Details

  • Offers 10,000 lux at a very comfortable, class-leading distance of 17 inches, UV blocked
  • Full Spectrum Lighting
  • Adjustable panel angle and 5 elevation settings allow for a truly customizable light therapy experience
  • Electronically powered ballast assures reliable performance with no flicker and no hum
  • Made in Canada following strict CSA safety guidelines, Canadian Standards Association

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