Norton Antivirus 8.0

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Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh 8.0 is one of the world's most trusted antivirus solutions for Macintosh systems. Use it continuously to keep your data safe and virus-free. Norton AntiVirus works automatically in the background to find and remove viruses without interrupting your work. It can also run scans on a schedule of your choice, and will automatically fix many of the infections it finds. The software even detects viruses in e-mail attachments and Internet files while they're downloading to your computer.Norton AntiVirus eliminates macro viruses such as those that can infect Microsoft Word and Excel, protecting your Mac and preventing you from passing them on to Windows users. Users are also backed by the Symantec Security Response team, working to protect your Mac 24 hours a day, ready to develop new defenses the moment a new virus is discovered. Symantec's LiveUpdate technology provides easy software updating and protection against the latest threats by checking for new virus definitions via the Internet and automatically downloading them to your computer. Plus, Norton AntiVirus is now available to users of Mac OS X.

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