Norton SystemWorks 1.0


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as of 12/05/2021 (Details)

Norton SystemWorks for the Mac contains applications that can keep your machine running smoothly. Norton Utilities is the popular solution for disk repair, disk optimization, and data recovery. It finds and repairs disk problems with the click of a button, organizes files on your hard drive for fastest access, and restores files that have been deleted accidentally. If the hard drive won't even restart, you can run Norton Disk Doctor from the bootable CD. The new Volume Recover feature can rebuild a disk's entire directory structure, increasing the chances of successful data recovery. Regular use of Norton Utilities can even help you fix disk problems before they cause serious trouble. SystemWorks offers virus protection with AntiVirus 7.0. New viruses are appearing every day, bringing potential danger to your Mac from Internet downloads, e-mail attachments, network file servers, Zip disks, floppy disks, and more. Norton AntiVirus finds and repairs infected files, including ones containing Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel macro viruses, the most common types of viruses found on Macintosh systems. It even scans incoming e-mail attachments as you're downloading them to make sure they don't contain dangerous code. With Aladdin Spring Cleaning, you can free up space on your hard drive by safely and completely uninstalling old programs and their related files--without deleting anything you still need. Use it to get rid of outdated applications, extensions, preferences, fonts, aliases, and other files. It's also great for removing the clutter left over from Internet sessions, including cache files, cookies, and history logs. Retrospect Express Backup from Dantz backs up all your important data. It lets you copy files quickly and easily to a wide range of removable media, including CD-R, CD-R/RW, Zip, Jaz, SuperDisk, magneto-optical, and DVD devices. You can also back up to a secure site over the Internet. The EasyScript wizard lets you schedule automatic, unattended backups.Both Norton Utilities and Norton AntiVirus include Symantec's exclusive LiveUpdate technology for fast, easy updating right over the Internet. UseLiveUpdate to download software updates for both programs, as well as the latest virus definitions for Norton AntiVirus. LiveUpdate can check for updates automatically on a regular schedule, so you don't have to remember to do it yourself. Get one year of free virus definition and software updates included with purchase of Norton SystemWorks for Macintosh; annual subscriptions are available for subsequent updates.

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