Nuheara IQbuds Intelligent Wireless Bluetooth Water-Resistant Earbuds, Hear What You Want To Hear: Stream Audio, Amplify Speech, Black/Silver (NU 317)


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as of 04/21/2021 (Details)

This set of 2 IQbuds are intelligent, truly wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 earbuds that give you control to hear what you want to hear in your surroundings and connect to your digital devices. Selectively tune in or tune out the world around you with Nuheara's Super Intelligent Noise Control (SINC) technology. Speech Amplification enhances your ability to hear speech in crowded restaurants/pubs, work events or parties – never miss another word again. Summon a digital assistant, answer the phone, and customise your app so that just a touch on your IQbuds gives you hands-free control of how and what you hear. Features include: High Fidelity Audio, Dynamic Noise Control, Speech Amplification and Blended Audio Worlds. Each earbud's dimensions are 21mm x 26mm x 15mm and weight is 8 grams (0.28 ounces) per earbud. Box includes 8 pairs of silicone ear tips, USB charge cable and charge case. Tips range is size from XS to XL and are in round and oval shapes. IQbuds case is both a charging and carrying case, allowing you to recharge on the go. The rechargeable case holds 4 charges, and can charge the earbuds from completed dead to fully charged in 1 1/2 hours (case dimensions: 97mm x 47mm x 34mm). Recharge the case's power bank using the USB cable provided. The design has a frequency range from 20Hz to 18kHz and you can adjust the volume in each ear independently. IQbuds App is available for iPhone, iOS, and Android.

Technical Details

  • High Fidelity Audio - Use Bluetooth 4.2 to seamlessly stream all your favourite music, phone calls and audio content with tap-touch ear buds that are designed for comfort
  • Speech Amplification - Enhance speech in noisy restaurants, work events or parties; and you can adjust the volume in each ear independently
  • Dynamic Noise Control - Selectively tune in or out the world around you with Super Intelligent Noise Control (SINC); select your preferred settings in a variety of locations/activities using IQbuds app
  • Blended Audio Worlds - Use the app to choose the best blend of your digital music and real world sounds around you for situational awareness; hear what you want to hear ; Removable D-Ring reveals standard tripod mount insert
  • Best-In-Class Battery Life -20 plus hours on-the-go Bluetooth streaming and 40 plus hours on-the-go Hearing Processing. Charge case hold 4 full charges. Sweat proof and water resistant too!

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