Nutrient Requirements of Laboratory Animals,: Fourth Revised Edition, 1995 (Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals)


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In the years since the third edition of this indispensable reference was published, a great deal has been learned about the nutritional requirements of common laboratory species: rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, and vole. The Fourth Revised Edition presents the current expert understanding of the lipid, carbohydrate, protein, mineral, vitamin, and other nutritional needs of these animals. The extensive use of tables provides easy access to a wealth of comprehensive data and resource information. The volume also provides an expanded background discussion of general dietary considerations. In addition to a more user-friendly organization, new features in this edition include: A significantly expanded section on dietary requirements for rats, reporting substantial new findings. A new section on nutrients that are not required but that may produce beneficial results. New information on growth and reproductive performance among the most commonly used strains of rats and mice and on several hamster species. An expanded discussion of diet formulation and preparation--including sample diets of both purified and natural ingredients. New information on mineral deficiency and toxicity, including warning signs. This authoritative resource will be important to researchers, laboratory technicians, and manufacturers of laboratory animal feed.

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