NWI Trading Company Chamomile Flowers, Whole, Dried Herb 100% Natural No Additives by Azuregreen, 1 oz


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While known in Latin as anthem is Nobile’s, chamomile actually gets its name from the Greek words kamai, which means on the groundand melon, which is the word for an apple. When trod upon, it frequently produces a strong, pleasant aroma that wafts around those who step upon itand reminds many of apples. For this purpose it was often put to use in the medieval periods for use in green garden paths, so that as one strolled from one place to another one would be accompanied by a lovely, sweet smell. In the past, herbalists and gardeners also saw chamomile as a healing plant that would help those plants it grew next to flourish when otherwise they might begin to fail. It spiritual uses chamomile was also frequently used in finding good luck with marriage proposals, gambling, prosperity and good fortuneand was even thought to aid in preventing lightning strikes. In the world today, chamomile is perhaps most famous as a component in tea that is not only smells lovely and is pleasantly flavorful, but is widely known for helping to soothe stomachs and ease indigestion as well as help you fall to sleep. It is also well known for being a soothing sedative that aids with pain and discomfort.

Technical Details

  • Latin names: anthem is Nobile (roman or English chamomile), matric aria ricotta (German chamomile
  • Common names: chamomile, camomile
  • 100% chamomile flowers
  • Great for herbal tea

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