Nyrius LT12 12 Language Global Digital Talking Translator Foreign Pocket-Sized Electronic Speaking Dictionary

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Where travel guides end, the LT12 begins! This talking translator is small enough to fit in your pocket, and contains 8,400 travel-related phrases in 12 different languages. Eight conversational categories allow you to find your desired phrase quickly, and the LT12 both speaks and displays the translated phrase. You also have the ability to save frequently used phrases. This pocket translator will give you confidence when communicating in a foreign language.This handheld translator is the modern answer to paper dictionaries. This device cross-translates 12 international languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Swedish. This device contains over 8,400 travel related phrases and keeps them organized in categories so you can find them quickly and easily. Each category has its own button so you can easily find your desired phrase. The LT12 categories are General Speech, Emergency, Entertainment, Sightseeing, Direction, Restaurants, Transport, and Hotel & Accommodation. If you find yourself repeatedly using the same phrases, you can add them to a list of frequently used sentences. Recalling saved phrases is just as easy - simply press a button to display your customized list! The LT12 also has a backlit screen, allowing you to use it at night and in dimly-lit rooms.Since this device speaks the phrases aloud, you can be sure you are pronouncing foreign words correctly, making for a more enjoyable holiday or business trip. If you aren't sure of the pronunciation of a specific phrase, the LT12 can help! The LCD screen displays the translated phrase while the built-in speaker pronounces it for you. The LT12 also comes with an earphone so you can hear clearly in busy areas or avoid disturbing others while in quiet situations.

Technical Details

  • Cross-translate 12 international languages using any of the 8400 built-in phrases
  • Auto power off, volume selection and reset button
  • Handheld electronic translators are the modern answer to paper dictionaries
  • Device speaks the foreign phrases aloud
  • Integrated alarm clock and data bank with password lock

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