Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish


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as of 01/26/2022 (Details)

An innovative one-of-a-kind pocket-size guidebook  for Costa Rican-style Spanish. It is specifically written and designed for travelers and above all English-speaking residents of the country to learn the nuances of the local language. It contains practical pronunciation exercises to help you sound like a native Spanish speaker, useful expressions for everyday situations you may encounter in Costa Rica, tips and short cuts for learning Spanish, vocabulary including business and legal terms, social situations, a SHORT English/Spanish - Spanish-English dictionary and more. This guide is the ONLY source for Costa Rican slang and expressions (tiquismos) in English. If you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica this book is a MUST in order to survive. Because of its handy size it can easily fit easily in a pocket or purse so you can have it with you at all times as you work your way through Costa Rica's linguistic jungle. Readers should NOT expect a complete course in learning the Spanish Language NOR a textbook but a PRACTICAL introduction to Costa Rican-style Spanish.

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