Olympus WS-821 Voice Recorders with 2 GB Built-In-Memory


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as of 01/23/2022 (Details)

Reproduces the direction and distance of the speaker. Compact And Lightweight Stereo Audio Recorder With Intelligent Functions With high recording quality and superb stereo feeling, the WS series has established its presence as a smart tool for business. With the combination of the new Transcription Mode function you can transcribe your recordings far more efficiently, enabling you to save time. The recorder comes with a microSD slot and built-in USB, also featuring many more extensive business-oriented functions. With all the improvements, this series is becoming a must-have for business people. Highest Quality Recording Directional Stereo Microphones And A 90-Degree Angle Structure Captures Sound Just As If You Were There By positioning the two low-noise directional stereo microphones in a 90 degree layout, the WS series can record with superb stereo quality, taking into account the recording location, whether it is a meeting room or large conference center. A Dragon NaturallySpeaking “6 Dragon” Rating The WS-821 was awarded six Dragons, the highest recognition rating when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from Nuance Communications, Inc. Dragon automatically turns your talk into text and can make virtually any computer task easier and faster. For more information, visit Nuance's website. An Impressive Array Of Playback Functions Transcription Mode Transcription mode is one of the playback scene modes which helps users during transcription by eliminating dead air during playback. Noise-Cancellation Function Background noise which may have been captured during recording is powerfully reduced with the world's highest level of noise cancellation technology. The WS-821 Box Contents Include: Instruction manualOne AAA Alkaline battery Optional Accessories: ME12 Unidirectional mono microphoneME15 Omnidirectional mono tie-pin microphoneME30W Omnidirectional 2-channel microphone kitME31 Compact gun microphoneME34 Compact zoom microphoneME33 Boundary microphoneME51SW Stereo microphoneME52W Unidirectional mono microphoneTP8 Telephone pickup microphoneA514 USB connector/AC adapterFour BR404 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteriesKA333 Connecting cordCS131 Case Usability Direct USB Connection Eliminates The Need For Cables The USB connector integrated into the recorder can be easily deployed using the slide lever to plug the recorder directly into a PC. With no need for cables or special software, the transfer between PC and recorder is seamless. The recorder can even be used as a USB memory device. 493 Hours Of Recording Time With 2 GB of internal memory and up to 493 hours of recording time, you are able to capture notes, lectures, and more - and still have room to store documents. The WS-821 offers an impressive 37 hours of battery life. MicroSD Slot For Endless Memory The recorder supports microSD cards up to 32GB for added space and memory, and it is located under the battery area to protect the card slot. The Calendar Function Makes It Easy To Search For Files Audio files saved on the recorder are automatically marked with the date. Because files are displayed by the calendar format, you can quickly find the file you are looking for by the date of recording. Recording Scene Select For Flawless Recording By simply selecting from the menu, you can set optimum recording settings according to the scenes. With five modes and three user configurations, anyone can easily make fail-proof, high-quality recordings, even in an environment requiring a quick response. Lecture: Suitable for recording a lecture in a large room where there are many people.Conference: For clear recording in a conference room with some people.Meeting: To record conversations in a small meeting room.Dictation: Optimum to capture your speech by talking directly into the recorder.DNS: Provides the best settings for voice recognition with Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance Inc. Basic Specifications Internal Memory 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB External Memory microSD (up to 32GB) microSD (up to 32GB) microSD (up to 32GB) PC Connectivity USB Direct USB Direct USB Direct Recording Format MP3/WMA PCM/MP3/WMA PCM/MP3/WMA Battery Required 1-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable battery 1-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable battery 1-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable battery Battery Charge (USB/AC) ✓ ✓ Max. Recording Time 493 hours 1000 hours 1980 hours Max. Battery Life (Recording) 37 hours 37 hours 37 hours Recording Zoom Microphone ✓ Low Cut Filter ✓ ✓ ✓ Recording Scene Select ✓ ✓ ✓ Playback Voice Playback ✓ ✓ Voice Balancer ✓ ✓ Voice Changer ✓ ✓ Noise Cancel ✓ ✓ ✓ Playback Speed Control 2.0x - 0.5x 3.5x - 0.5x 3.5x - 0.5x A-B Repeat ✓ ✓ ✓ Others Calendar Search ✓ ✓ ✓ FM Radio ✓ Size 4" x 1.6" x .6" 4" x 1.6" x .6" 4" x 1.6" x .6" Weight (including battery) 1.9 oz. 1.9 oz. 1.9 oz.

Technical Details

  • 2gb built in memory (max. recording time approx. 493 hours)
  • MP3 / WMA recording formats
  • MicroSD / SDHC up to 32gb
  • USB Direct

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