One Pass Superflex Waterblade 12 Inches


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as of 12/09/2023 (Details)

The One Pass Superflex Waterblade will work best on a waxed or just-washed vehicle. Just glide the blade lightly over the wet surface and watch the water move! It may be necessary to wipe around mirrors and the grill with a microfiber towel to prevent drips. I highly recommend the Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel. It's paint-safe and extremely absorbent. You'll find many uses for the One Pass Superflex Waterblade in your home, too. Use it to clean and dry mirrors to streak-free perfection. Use it to remove excess water from shower doors, glass doors, and windows. The second most common use of this blade is drying shower doors. Remove excess water to prevent water spots and keep your shower looking cleaner. 12 inches Soft, medical grade silicone blade Patented T-bar edge Superflex handle molds to acute angles and curved shapes

Technical Details

  • Whisks away 90% of water in one pass
  • Soft, flexible handle
  • Made of soft, medical grade silicone that will not scratch
  • Use on glass, metal, paint, and plastic
  • 12 inches

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