One Shot BB-100 Propane Torch for Ice, Weeds and Asphalt

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Achieve immediate ice melting results that will amaze you with the unique 1 Shot 'N Gone Bare Blaster propane torch. Eliminate the back breaking work of chipping dangerous icy patches to prevent slips & falls. With the Bare Blaster, you can get rid of black ice and hard packed snow/ ice quickly and easily. The Bare Blaster is made of nickel plated steel and brass to withstand the elements. It weighs under 4 lbs., including the propane cylinder (not included), and uses either 14 oz. or 26 oz. propane tanks which are available at most hardware stores. The Blaster has a full 31" reach so that you don't have to stoop and crouch. The flame control is adjustable. You'll get year round use for summer weed control - just aim and blast them away.

Technical Details

  • Lightweight & easy to use propane torch
  • Screw-on installation for standard 14- or 26-ounce propane tanks
  • Quickly melt ice and keep your property safe from accidental slips and falls
  • Adjustable flame control with a 31-inch reach
  • Made of nickel-plated steel and brass to withstand the elements

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