Original Pawleys Island 15DCOT Presidential Duracord Rope Hammock, Oatmeal

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Ah, the perfect autumn afternoon! Cool, but not yet cold. The sun bright, yet pleasantly muted. Nearby trees rustle with the soothing sound like a sudden rain, with colorful leaves just days from falling. A light breeze licks at you through the latticelike gaps in the hammock ropes, and all the while, your hammock's gentle sway rocks you closer and closer to complete calm, and unworried, unhurried sleep ...It's exactly the kind of day that can lead to serious hammock addiction. Yes, that's right: hammock addiction. It's very real, and can be quite dramatic, particularly in people who routinely live with high levels of stress. Symptoms include newly making time for doing nothing at all, sudden onsets of nature-loving, extended bouts of smiling -- not to mention episodes of panic sparked in passing wildlife through your own periodic bursts of snoring!

Technical Details

  • Hand woven in the USA with 3-ply solution-dyed DURACORD Rope
  • DURACORD ROPE Solution-dyed color. This rope is designed to be WEATHER-TOUGH, and is resistant to abrasion, rot, mold and mildew, yet is nonetheless as soft as cotton to the touch.
  • Hammock spreader bars are solid Southern white oak that's been hand-dipped multiple times in marine-quality varnish.
  • The O-rings, chains, and tree hooks are ZINC PLATED STEEL. We needed to have the strength of steel and a corrosion barrier for our hardware to be safe and withstand the elements of the weather. Length: 13 ft. Width: 65 in. Bed Length: 6 ft, 10 in. Weight
  • Capacity: 450 lbs: PILLOWS and STAND SOLD SEPARATELY

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