Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad – Waterproof & Tear Resistant – For Crates 42 x 28


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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

ATTENTION DOG CRATE USERS If your dog spends time in a crate, choosing a crate pad can be the most important purchase decision you'll make for your dog. You might not think about crate pads too often, but if your dog is spending hours and hours laying in that crate, you better believe that this purchase is critically important to him. Don't buy a cheap dog crate mat. The top selling pads on Amazon are flimsy pieces of material, offering no more support than a bath mat or a balled up towel, making it terribly uncomfortable to lay in that crate all day. The bottom of a dog crate is made of hard plastic and unforgiving metal. Your dog needs a crate pad that keeps elbows, hips & pressure points resting comfortably above the hard plastic and metal. We use the same premium American made orthopedic foam as in our top rated Big Barker dog beds. Won't flatten or pancake. Molds perfectly to your dog's body, protecting from joint pain, hip & elbow dysplasia & arthritis, and prevents your dog from suffering physical stress. 100% waterproof. Liquid or accidents wipe right off without leaving stains or smells. Cover is highly tear-resistant and will hold up strongly against digging and nesting (but it is NOT chew-proof!). - Supreme comfort & support with our premier American Made orthopedic foam - Our pads use 2 different layers of foam. The top 2" is H10 Comfort Foam, it molds gently around your dog's pressure points. The bottom 2" is H24 Support Foam, which provides orthopedic support and prevents your dog's joints from grinding into the hard plastic and metal. - Easy to wash - just remove cover using the extra long heavy duty zipper & throw in the wash. NOTE: pad is sized to fit exactly inside the raised lip of the plastic tray at the bottom of your crate. This makes sure that accidents stay on the tray, and don't run off the pad and ruin your carpet or hardwood floor.

Technical Details

  • Sized to perfectly fit inside the raised lip of plastic tray in a standard 42" x 28" crate.
  • American made foam is highest quality you'll find in a crate pad. Won't flatten or pancake over time
  • Orthopedic foam comforts joints & keeps your dog from touching hard plastic and metal in the crate.
  • Cover is 100% waterproof and highly tear resistant. Protects against accidents, nesting, and digging
  • Easy to clean, machine washable. Proudly Made in the USA.

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