Outdoor Kids Club Ultimate Hunting Guide

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Are you ready to learn about hunting in an ULTIMATE way? The Outdoor IQ's Ultimate Hunting Guide Just for Kids includes 84 pages of fun, full color pages that are full of ULTIMATE facts, tips and techniques. You will learn about game animals, their habitats and exciting tips on how to get close and hunt these wild animals. You will learn how to scout for turkey and deer to find where they are hiding. You will also learn how to bring in deer and coyotes close by using calls. You can even learn how to make your own game calls like a rattle bag and predator call. The Ultimate Hunting Guide also includes: • basics of using trail cameras and groundblinds • basics of trapping furbearers • how to stay safe outdoors from dangerous plants and bugs • hunter safety tips and information to be a safe hunter • information on organizations and programs designed to help kids develop their outdoor skills Whether you are just learning to hunt or just need a few more tips to make you more successful, the Ultimate Hunting Guide is for you! You can take the ULTIMATE information you learn and go out to the field or forest and use them right away. Not only will you have fun reading the Ultimate Hunting Guide and doing the do-it-yourself projects, you will also become an ULTIMATE hunter with all of the new information you will learn!!

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