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15 Jewish favorites for kids and the grownups who love them! Join us on this captivating journey of fun and familiar Jewish songs! From the jungle-drum infused rhythms of Zum Gali Gali to a swinging jazz rendition of Eitz Chayim, this is one children's CD parents won't mind listening to again and again. Lead musicians (and sisters) Stephanie Schneiderman, Lisa Schneiderman, and Kim Palumbis create soaring harmonies and soothing melodies on songs such as Ma Yafeh Hayom, Eli Eli, and Hiney Matov. Other tracks feature solo piano, a spirited group of children singers, and a rousing rendition of the Yiddish party classic Cheri Bim Bam. This CD features the music from the popular and critically acclaimed OyBaby video. Plus, we've added 3 bonus tracks available exclusively on this CD.

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