Paired Pursuit

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Danger rises in the night...and so does desire. Matched Desire, Book 1 Her last living relative dead, Mari is evicted from her shipping container and leaves Flagstaff for the first time in seven years. Boarding a train for Scar City (formerly Reno), she keeps a white-knuckle grip on her debilitating panic attacks. When the train lurches, she loses that grip-and is picked up, calmed down, and turned on by the only other passengers in the car. Finn and Gareth are under orders from their superiors to follow a slim lead on a stolen alien device. At first Mari is only a pleasant distraction, but through their telepathic Twin link, the brothers discover they both sense a powerful attraction to her that goes far beyond pheromones. With dawning horror, Mari learns the Twins are after the same device she's seeking, her only hope to get money for a better life. Once they reach Scar City, the three realize they're living on borrowed time-unless they can discover the device's secrets before attacking aliens bring the city walls tumbling down. Warning: Contains two genetically modified warrior heroes, a woman whose worst nightmare is wide open spaces, and distractions of a vibratory nature.

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