Panasonic RN302 Microcassette Recorder

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as of 01/16/2021 (Details)

Whether you use it for making notes and lists or are a busy executive using it for ideas, this new slim "palm-fit" design has many great features, yet is still quick and easy to use. The Voice Activated System (VAS) allows hands-free recording as well as eliminating wasted tape. Fast playback speeds offer a 20% speed increase over normal playback, useful for finding a crucial section of tape without resorting to fast forwarding endlessly. Other features include cue and review with quick-review pause control and a two-speed tape selector (24/12). The one-touch and follow-up recording combined with the built-in condenser microphone make for great sound quality.

Technical Details

  • Microcassette dictaphone recorder
  • 2 speed record and playback
  • Built in microphone
  • Voise Activated (VAS)

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