Park City Pets – Dog & Cat Grooming Wipes – Large Hypoallergenic Bath Wipes – 100 count – Eco-Friendly Box


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as of 04/17/2021 (Details)

There's no doubt about it, we love them through and through. But our canine and feline best friends often need a little help in the 'smell good' department. And why shouldn't they? If you rolled in mud, hiked barefoot, or spent the afternoon digging up your favorite toy you would, too. But let's get honest, we'd all love to have a clean pet every day. Thanks to Park City Pets now all it takes is a convenient doggie wipe. Stronger than baby wipes and free of harsh chemicals that pets can have allergic reactions to, dog grooming wipes are the epitome of convenience. Their first benefit is they don't irritate your best friend's skin. Second, third and fourth, they're perfect for cleaning muddy paws, freshening a coat of fur, or cleaning your dog's teeth. Talk about multi-tasking. Made of a thick viscose material that outlasts normal brands, the pet wipes are big enough for large dogs. Measuring in at 8" x 8" the pet wipes weigh in at 60 GSM. Typical dog wipes measure at 45 GSM. That's a big difference when the wipe is between you and a messy dog bottom. Made specifically to smell good, the grooming wipes leave a light scent behind. This is good for your dog, your cat, you and your car. Just run this wet wipe over your pet for a quick 'bath' before loading them in your vehicle. You've just lessened the car's dog smell. They're made with water, glycerin, organic aloe, lavender flower, chamomile flower and tea tree extracts. And they have a little lemon oil and green tea thrown in for good measure. This mixture gives a light sea breeze smell we like to call Aloe Ocean. Your dog will call it the best reason to relax and enjoy the rub down.

Technical Details

  • 33% THICKER THAN AVERAGE BRANDS: Big enough for bathing large pets, Park City Pets Bath Wipes are the largest and thickest on the market. Measuring 8" x 8" they have a thickness of 60 GSM that far outranks typical grooming wipes.
  • COMFORTS PETS WITH ALOE: Provide a soothing sensation for pets with a cool Aloe Ocean scent. The pet wipes are infused with water, organic aloe, lavender flower, chamomile and tea tree extracts. Comforting anytime for your best friend, the wipes also have green tea and lemon oil.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND ANTIBACTERIAL: The baby wipes for dogs and cats provide an anti-fungal quick bath to keep pets clean. Made of non-woven viscose the pet wipes manage dander and dandruff and can keep a cat allergy at bay.
  • CLEANS TEETH FOR GOOD DENTAL HEALTH: Save on expensive teeth cleaning by using one wipe a day for your dog's dental care. The no rinse wipes also work for cleaning the eyes, ears, coat and paws. Safe to wash a dog or cat's head, face and entire body to keep fur clean and smelling fresh.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you don't like our ultra-soft and cruelty-free dog wipes send them back for a full refund.

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