PawFlex Bandages Medimitt Bandage Cover for Pets, Large, Set of 4


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

Award winning Medimitt Outdoor Waterproof Covers are meant to keep the Medimitt clean and dry during outside use. Made from PEVA, a soft and pliable, yet strong, environmentally friendly material, it is also disposable and reusable. This simple, yet innovative, Medimitt Cover is easy to put on and take off. PawFlex Medimitt Outdoor Waterproof Cover slides right over PawFlex Medimitt bandage and utilizes the same fastener strap. The non-slip strap of the Medimitt grips the cover giving a secure 'stay on’ hold. The unique non-slip grip Medimitt strap assures minimal slippage, even on the most active dogs. Use Medimitt Waterproof Cover for outdoor walks or romps in the yard. Medimitt Covers are not intended for indoor use or long periods of time, as they are not breathable. All PawFlex Bandages and protective covers are designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers to provide effective, multi-functional use. 1 piece, 1 second, that's all you need with PawFlex Bandages. PawFlex is a company dedicated to creating the best products out there to secure a happier, healthier and more comfortable life for your pet. Love Your Dog, Love PawFlex!.

Technical Details

  • Made from durable yet soft and flexible PEVA material
  • Oversized to easily slide over Medimitt bandage; Features a side slit for Medimitt strap to slide into and fasten
  • Disposable and reusable
  • Simple and easy to use; meant to use with PawFlex Medimitt as it utilizes the Medimitt fastening strap
  • Waterproof; Keeps Medimitt Dry and clean during outside romps

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