PawFlex Bandages Medimitt Bandage for Pets, Medium, Set of 4


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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

Award winning PawFlex Medimitt is a gentle, disposable and non-adhesive fur friendly bandage that protects injured or sore paws. Designed to fit and stay on with special non-slip grip at wrist. Medimitt will stay on securely even on the most active dogs. The stretch strap fastens with Velcro-type tab. The Medimitt bandage is one of 5 PawFlex bandage designs. Each super soft design has been created to address a different wound site area. This innovative vet approved bandage is ideal for tending to small wounds at home or emergency treatment when every second counts until you can reach the vet. Like all Pawflex Bandages, the wound pad is already attached.  The Medimitt has no designated front and back so you can guide the wound pad portion directly over the wound no matter where it is on the paw. In addition to these great features, Pawflex Medimitt is breathable and water resistant; so no worries about your dog dragging around a sopping wet bandage that is not only uncomfortable but a breeding ground for germs. Non-adhesive means absolutely no fur pulling or skin ripping; making Pawflex the most comfortable, hassle and stress free pet bandages on the market today. PawFlex Medimitt super stretch material with stretchable non-slip strap allows for easy, quick and comfortable application and removal.  Simply slide the Medimitt up and over dogs paw and wrap the strap around the top of Medimitt, press Velcro-type tab to secure. No need for separate gauze pad, wrap, adhesives and scissors. 1 piece, 1 second, that's all you need with PawFlex Medimitt bandage. See PawFlex Medimitt Outdoor Cover to use over Medimitt for outdoor protection to keep your dog's Medimitt clean and dry. Because of all these innovative features, PawFlex is quickly and successfully becoming one of the most sought-after animal wound care products around the world. Vet approved and recommended. PawFlex, Bandaging just got easier!.

Technical Details

  • PawFlex disposable bandages are the quickest and easiest bandages to use; no cutting, pulling or peeling, just press to secure or lift to release
  • With no designated front or back you can easily direct the built in wound pad over the wound no matter where it is on the paw
  • Quick catch Velcro-type fastening system can be adjusted and readjusted over and over without compromising the security or integrity of the bandage
  • Easy on easy off super stretch breathable bandages made specifically for the paws; Each box comes with a reusable and durable waterproof cover
  • PawFlex unique non-slip grip feature at wrist assures minimum slippage even on the most active dogs; Bandage stays in place

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