Pentosin CHF202 Power Steering Fluid (1.06 qt)


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as of 09/29/2023 (Details)

The Pentosin CHF 2.2 is an all purpose high performance synthetic oil based power steering fluid formulated for central hydraulic systems such s power steering, rear axle steering, level control, hydro-pneumatic suspension, and shock absorbers. APPLICATIONS: Audi (2006 - 2010), Porsche Cayenne (2005 - 2010), Saab (2006 - 2010), Volkswagen (2006 - 2010), and Volvo (2002 - 2010). NOTE: If vehicle specifications state CHF 7.1, CHF 11S and CHF 202 can be substituted in place of, but not mixed with, CHF 7.1, CHF 11S and CHF 202 are fully compatible and mixable. Pentosin CHF fluids should NOT be mixed with ATF fluids. SHIPPING: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

Technical Details

  • Ideal for cold weather climates
  • Operating temperature range from -40 degree (F) to 275 degree (F)
  • Works perfectly under extreme weather conditions
  • Meets DIN 51 524T3 and ISO 7308 specification standards

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