Pet Pee Be Gone All Natural Pet Pee Digester and Deodorizer,Lavender Vanilla, 32 Oz.


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as of 03/28/2023 (Details)

Pet Pee Be Gone! is a proprietary blend of water borne, enzyme producing bacteria. The bacteria used in our product is a blend of many different types of enzyme producing bacteria. They are 100% free of any pathogenic or disease causing bacteria such as salmonella. These micro-organisms are alive. They are aggressive digesters of organic material such as pee and other bodily fluids. Pet pee contains crystal forming chemicals, and protein. Warm pee especially promotes ''bad bacteria'' growth and oxidation. Laboratory research has shown that there are over 2,000 different enzymes! PeeDexter's ''patent pending'' TOP SECRET formula contains enzymes which attack the pee's chemical makeup (crystal forming chemicals, and proteins) while the ''good bacteria'' in Pet Pee Be Gone! eats the stain.

Technical Details

  • 32-oz spray bottle

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