How much does Safety 1st Top of Stairs Decor Swing Gate cost?

Safety 1st Top of Stairs Decor Swing Gate
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About Safety 1st Top of Stairs Decor Swing Gate

Keep your curious cruiser away from off-limit areas with the Safety 1st Top of Stairs Decor Wood Gate. This espresso stained wood gate complements your home while keeping baby safely inside, or out of, certain areas. As a hardware-mounted gate, this gate is ideal for use at top of stairs, but can also be used at the bottom of stairs and between rooms for maximum versatility. The frameless design ensures that the walkway is completely clear when the gate is open and there is nothing to step over, preventing any potential trip hazards. This gate is specially designed to be operated with one-hand, because we know parents often have their hands full. Easily open the gate by rotating the release lever and lift to swing out of the way.

Technical Details

  • Hardware mount for maximum security; durable wood design
  • Adjustable width from 27" to 42", height 28"
  • Lever opens with one hand
  • Swing control settings let parent choose: one direction only (for top of stairs) or both directions (for between rooms)
  • Swings shut with auto lock for quicker passage

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