LICKS Pill-Free Solutions LH10PK-C Hairball Formula Remedy

LICKS Pill-Free Solutions LH10PK-C Hairball Formula Remedy
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Self-grooming is a daily part of cat life, but hairballs don't have to be. With a special blend of natural ingredients, LICKS Hairball formula emulsifies, lubricates and expels build-up and prevents recurring hairball development. With high levels of Beeswax, Cod Liver Oil and Flax Seed Oil, Hairball formula lubricates and coats not only the most stubborn hairballs but also your cat's stomach to allow for easier passage. Sorbitol ensures your cat's hair will pass quickly through the digestive tract and the Psyllium Powder used in LICKS Hairball formula helps to make it pass easily when it reaches the stool. Hairball formula works great during shedding season when your cat is most prone to hairballs. And to top it all off, keep peace of mind in knowing LICKS only uses all natural ingredients in each formula – so there's no petroleum here! LICKS Pill-Free is an innovative new delivery system for high quality supplements. Unlike pills or chews LICKS comes in individually dosed, great tasting gel packets which allow for a 98% absorption rate. LICKS offers a full line of holistic remedies for dogs and cats. Each LICKS formula is made in the USA in facilities for human products and with ingredients made for human consumption. For easy administration LICKS can be added to food, direct to mouth, or in a separate bowl. With medicinal levels of each active ingredient and a 98% absorption rate, LICKS is a next generation solution to pet ailments.

Technical Details

  • All natural, non-petroleum hairball remedy that emulsifies, lubricates and expels hairballs to provide vomit and digestion relief
  • Breaks down build up and diminishes future hairballs while adding in healthy digestion
  • Helps maintain a healthy skin and coat while diminishing future hairballs
  • Pill-free administration process allows for 98% absorption rate vs. 20% with pills and chews
  • Produced in facilities and with ingredients for products meant for human consumption

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