Pet Groomer / Cat and Dog Grooming Glove

Pet Groomer / Cat and Dog Grooming Glove
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Pet Glove is an amazing product for you and your pet! The fabric in which the glove is made is super soft and it feels great on your hand while the soft rubber brush is designed to make your pet love grooming time. The glove is specifically designed to fit your hand. The soft fabric will make it enjoyable to brush your pet. The glove is also designed to stay secured to your hand so you can move in every way to make sure no hair is left behind. The soft rubber brush is designed to scrub your pet's hair while providing a wonderful massage to your beloved animal. It is better than the brushes with metal tips designed to scrub hard and that does not take your pet comfort into account. Best Shedding Prevention Tool: - Are your clothes always covered in pet hair? - Are you tired of cleaning your furniture? - Is your house full of pet hair? - Do you hate those hard to clean brushes? - Is your pet running away while brushing? If any of the above answer is YES then Pet Glove is the solution. Order Now !!!! Pet Groomer / Cat and Dog Grooming Glove: - Feels like you pet them while you brush them. - Works perfectly on dry and wet hair - Perfect for all coat types - Easy to clean - Loved by pets - Washable Works for: - Cats - Dogs - Any other pet with shedding hair Easy To Wash: - Hand wash with water only - Let air dry Materials: - Glove: Fabric - Brush: Rubber

Technical Details

  • Grooming essentials: keep pets happy, healthy, clean, and smelling great while providing a day-to-day grooming solution
  • Designed with soft rubber tips to gently fix nasty tangles and mats while lifting dirt, and dander from the coat
  • Soft rubber bristles designed to massage your pets while you brush them
  • Adjustable Velcro strap to secure the glove to your hand
  • Separate thumb piece for smaller/sensitive areas

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