Vdera TACKZO-AC Tackzo Blue Auto Clean

Vdera TACKZO-AC Tackzo Blue Auto Clean
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Tackzo makes it fast and easy to clean your car's interior. Tackzo is the only product guaranteed to lift away embedded pet hair and lint from your upholstery. Specially formulated to be super tacky, yet doesn't stick to your hands. Tackzo's malleable design effectively cleans along the seams of seats and other hard to reach corners and grooves. Ideal for use on upholstery, leather and vinyl. Simply wash and reuse over and over again! Includes a re-sealable case for easy storage.

Technical Details

  • Pet Hair and Lint Remover
  • Guaranteed to remove pet hair
  • Guaranteed to remove lint
  • Washable and reusable
  • The tackiest product on the market

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