PetSafe Basic Remote Dog Trainer


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as of 12/01/2022 (Details)

The Basic Remote Trainer makes training easy and affordable for any budget. With a 75 yard range and 12 levels of stimulation and two tone training options, you can communicate with your dog and reinforce good behavior off-leash. The pairing process is important for operation. It is not paired when removed from the box, so making sure the components are paired is necessary. The steps are simple and we would be happy to walk any customer through them. It is possible the button on the remote may be stuck if the collar is continually activating. The collar will not activate unless it is receiving the signal. Inspect the buttons and be sure that none of them are depressed and/or stuck. Checking the battery contact inside the collar may help as well. The CR2032 batteries that come with the system may be weak, it is sometimes impossible to tell how long they have bene on the shelf, how old they are, ect, and may not last very long. If consecutive sets do not seem to do any better, there could be an issue with the system. If left on, they will only last about 2 weeks. Make sure the batteries are purchased from a location that is reputable and are marked CR2032. There are a few rechargeable remote trainers in our product line the customer may be happier with.

Technical Details

  • 75 yard range
  • 2 tone training options
  • 12 levels of static correction

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