PetsN’all Foldable Pet Stroller – Black


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as of 09/29/2023 (Details)

The PetsN'all Foldable Pet Stroller is a fun way to take your pet for a stroll. Older and smaller pets cannot always go for an extended walk, so having a pet stroller lets you bring your pet along for the fun instead of leaving your pet behind. It's suitable for pets up to 30 pounds. Why Use a Pet Stroller - A pet stroller is great for older cats and dogs with arthritis or joint pain or for pets recovering from surgery. - Sidewalks in the city can sometimes be crowded and dangerous. Transport your pet to the park in a stroller. - A pet stroller makes it easy to take your cat or dog to the vet without having to carry a heavy and awkward crate. - Indoor-only cats are deprived of fresh air and scenery. Take them for a walk so they can enjoy better health and view the outdoors. How it Works The PetsN'All Pet Stroller folds flat to store and then unfolds easily in an instant. Made of durable fabric and a lightweight steel frame, the PetsN'all Foldable Pet Stroller is easy to open and fold, taking mere seconds to assemble or pack up. Locking brakes keep the ride smooth and safe, and its large wheels glide easily over smooth or rough terrain. Durable mesh keeps the visibility clear, the ventilation flowing, and the pesky bugs out with top, front and rear ventilation. The tall basket of the PetsN'all Foldable Pet Stroller prevents curious dogs from being able to jump out, and the front and rear views give plenty to look at. On the hotter dry days, the top canopy folds back, opening the stroller to the sky above. Reliable zippers will keep the closures fastened and are easy to unzip when you want to let your pet out. A convenient cup holder lets you walk in comfort with your favorite beverage. As well, there's a basket for your pets toys and treats. Have fun strolling with your pet.

Technical Details

  • Durable fabric, lightweight steel frame
  • Durable mesh provides visibility and ventilation and keeps bugs out
  • Easy Fold, - opens and folds in 5 seconds
  • Top, Front and Rear Ventilation
  • Locking brakes keep the ride smooth and safe

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