PetsN’all Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Bag – Black, Airline Approved


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as of 04/14/2024 (Details)

The PetsN'all Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Bag allows you to carry your small pet in comfort and style. It holds up to 16 pounds and the mesh panels give ample ventilation for trips whether in the car, bus, train, or plane. The steel wire frame can conform to tight spaces, such as under the seat on the airplane. As well, the mesh panels give ample ventilation and visibility. Your pet will be able to see you from the top and sides which will reassure it during your trip. Features - Mesh panels for ventilation and top and side entry - Rear pocket for storage - Soft-sided with steel-wire frame makes it easy to conform the carrier to under-the-seat airline storage - Two-sided soft pad seat for the pet's comfort - Handles or adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying, Empty carrier folds flat for compact storage How it works The PetsN'all soft-sided pet carrier can be used to carry your pet to the vet in the car or on transportation options that allow small pets in carriers, such as buses or trains. Place your pet in the carrier either through the top or the side. The carrier has mesh panels for ventilation and visibility. Side panel flaps can be rolled up and held in place.

Technical Details

  • Carry your cat or small dog anywhere with this stylish and functional soft-sided bag
  • This bag can be used on most major airlines or on any bus or train that allows pets in small carriers. Wire frame allows for under seat storage
  • Vertical seatbelt straps keep the carrier in place so you can safely transport your pet
  • Mesh panels for ventilation and top and side entry. The flaps can be put down to keep the pet calm during transport or can be rolled up for ventilation
  • Holds pets up to 16 pounds; comes with reversible, hand washable seat pad for your pet's comfort

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