PetZu Mother’s Comfort Heartbeat Pet Pillow, Pink/White


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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow combines the comforting sound of a mother's heartbeat and body warmth to help soothe your puppies to sleep naturally. Pillow is machine washable for repeated use, with removable Heartbeat simulator and Heart Warmth Simulator. Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow includes a fleece pillow top, two AAA batteries, a microwavable Mother's Warmth Simulator and a bonus housebreaking guide This convenient Pillow will help your puppy fall asleep faster and greatly reduces stress for an overall happier, healthier puppy.

Technical Details

  • Realistic sounding heartbeat and warmth helps puppies to relax and sleep naturally
  • Effectively stops nuisance barking during housebreaking
  • Easy to use - Just Microwave Heating Simulator for 60 seconds
  • Easy to operate On switch; with auto shut off
  • Machine Washable for repeated use

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