Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light, White


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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

Clinical research has shown that the Wake-Up Light leaves users with an improved mood and energy level throughout the day.View larger The Wake-Up Light provides a pleasant start for your day.View larger Sunrise Simulation for Natural Waking The simulated sunrise of the Philips Wake-Up Light provides a more natural waking experience and improved morning energy levels. Featuring a soft UV-free light with up to 300-lux illuminance, the light offers a pleasant glow without harsh tones. The warm yellow light begins 30 minutes prior to your alarm time, increasing in intensity as your chosen waking time approaches. The Wake-Up Light offers the option of waking up to your favorite FM radio station or to one of three pre-programmed nature sounds. Offering 20 brightness settings, this light also comes with convenient features such as non-slip feet and a dimming light for relaxing before bedtime. Bedside Lamp with Dimming Light at Night At night, the Wake-Up Light provides a gradually dimming light that helps guide you to natural, restful sleep. With 20 brightness settings, the Wake-Up Light is also a convenient bedside lamp for reading or relaxing at night. The durable Wake-Up Light is designed with rubber, anti-slip feet, so it will sit securely on your nightstand. The projected display is paired with easy-to-use touch keys on top of the lamp. Nature Sounds or FM Radio with Snooze Button In addition to FM radio stations, the Wake-Up Light can also wake you with one of three pre-programmed nature sounds, such as Birds in the Forest and Zen Garden. The Wake-Up Light also offers a snooze function, giving you an extra 9 minutes of sleep. A Wake-up Light Clinically Proven to Work The Philips wake-up light is scientifically proven to work. In order to make the Wake-up Light the best possible product it can be in genuinely waking you up naturally and energized, Philips has done a lot of clinical research. This research was conducted by independent science facilities to study and prove the effects of the wake-up light on the overall wake up experience. The Philips Wake-up Light not only wakes you more naturally, but also more energized and that it improves your mood in the morning. Philips was founded over 100 years ago as a company that produced and sold light bulbs. Over 100 years Philips grew into a global company that brings innovation in lots of different areas. To this day lighting still is the soul of Philips. The Wake-up Light is proud to continue its heritage by building on years of knowledge and expertise of the world's most well known lighting expert. Philips Wake-Up Light, HF3510/60 features: Sunrise simulation and three sound selections wake you up naturallyLight comes on 30 minutes before alarm timeDimming display with 20 brightness settingsControl alarm times and snooze with easy-to-use touch keysIndependent research shows that 92 percent of Philips users find it is easier to get out of bed What's in the Box Philips HF3510/60 Wake-Up Light and manual. Philips Wake-Up LightsHF3500HF3510HF3520Natural Wake-Up Sounds✓✓Dimmer✓✓✓Sunrise Simulation✓✓✓Colored Sunrise Simulation✓Dusk Simulation✓✓Touch Sensitive Buttons✓✓Reading Lamp✓✓✓Long-Lasting LEDs✓✓✓

Technical Details

  • Wake-Up Light wakes you up by simulating sunrise
  • Featuring a soft UV-free light, the light offers a pleasant glow without harsh tones
  • Light gradually increases for 30 minutes before your alarm time to gently prepare your body to wake up and feel more energetic at the start of your day
  • Dimming display with 20 brightness settings
  • Control alarm times and snooze with easy-to-use touch keys
  • Uses a LED bulb (included)
  • Sunrise simulation wakes you gradually
  • Dimming light and sound gently send you off to sleep
  • Choice of 3 different natural wake up sounds

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