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Play on Light shimmers, floats, and sways much like morning's first light dappling crisp bed linens. The harp, said to have been fathered by the biblical Jubal (eight generations from Adam), is not only the oldest stringed instrument, but one of the oldest all round. Cunning then, that contemporary Scottish harp duo Sìleas should make music at once both ancient and fresh. Perhaps best known as one half of the folk band the Poozies, Patsy Seddon on gut strung and Mary Macmaster on mixed metal-strung harps create an exciting blend of rounded and sharp tones, accented by the lovely folksy lyrics sung in both Gaelic and English. Bringing to mind Edinburgh's green esplanade peopled with elderly ladies, young lovers, and museum visitors beneath the cobbled stone road leading to the castle, track 5's three parts range from a days-of-yore pipe march adapted for harp to a meditative, brooklike trickle to a spirited, puddle-splashing jig. --Paige La Grone

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