PLIOGRIP 8003 Finishing Cream Plastic Bond and Repair 220ml Cartridge


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as of 05/15/2021 (Details)

The PLIOGRIP by Valvoline high-performance line of Sealers and Foams provides body shops with a complete package to finish the repair.2K Seam Sealer - Our new 2K epoxy seam sealers can be painted immediately.Rigid and Flexible Foam - Rigid and flexible NVH foams with 5 seconds of work time or less.Finishing skim coat for minor scratches or gouges in TPO, TEO, PP, PUR, ABS, GTX, SMC, fiberglass and carbon fiber Size: 220mlStock Number: 8003Work Time: 3 MinHandling Time: 10-15 MinPaint Time: 30 minutesComparableto:3M Automix 8244Lord Fusor 102/103SEM 39458UPOL 7061Dominion Sure Seal 1002/XSMENorton Speed Grip 06116Kent P10620

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