Polaris Ace Opening Doors – Bear Claw Latch

Price: $399.95

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as of 11/28/2020 (Details)

Fits the 2014 and newer Sportsman Ace and Ace 570. Price includes both sides, and both sides open the same. Doors are removable off the hinges with one bolt! Perfect for the back of your truck or tight trailer, remove one door for easy access. Steel frame with aluminum skin, made in USA. Powdercoated black. Doors have a little kick out to them for plenty of elbow room. Easy no-drill installation. New Anti-Rattle Device (A.R.D.) tensioner to keep them quiet on the trail.

Technical Details

  • Made in USA
  • Both Doors Open Suicide Style
  • Powdercoated Steel Frame
  • Aluminum Skins
  • Bear Claw Secure Latching System

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