Polaris Sportsman Ace Glacier Pro Plow Frame


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as of 05/15/2021 (Details)

Increase your plowing productivity and enjoy greater value anddurability with this Glacier PRO Plow Frame on your Polaris® Sportsman®ATV. Polaris® engineers developed this wider, stronger frame so yourSportsman® ATV will push across a broader expanse of the plow blade,resulting in more efficient plowing and enhanced plow system durabilityand reliability. This improved system makes it easier to maneuver yourATV for more efficient and more precise plowing, and it makes it easyfor you to upgrade to premium features such as the Hydraulic LiftSystem and Hydraulic Angle System (each sold separately). Thisstronger, more durable plow system also allows you to use a taller plowblade - a 17" high blade, as opposed to previous 12" blades - so therewill be less snow lost over the top of the blade. The Glacier PROsystem now achieves a 4" greater plow blade lift height, making iteasier to drive the ATV onto and off of trailers and truck beds withthe plow blade attached.

Technical Details

  • Color Black  Material Steel
  • Glacier Pro Plow Mount Glacier Pro Blade required, sold separately..
  • Installation Installs on the plow blade of your choice (each sold separately).
  • Includes: Complete Glacier PRO Plow Frame only, front of pic is mount and is vehicle specific and needs to be ordered separately

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