Police Siren 5 Tone PA System 60W Emergency Sound


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as of 01/23/2022 (Details)

Important! This is not a replacement for professional equipment and should not be considered such. It is not going to be as loud as $100+ Sirens sold on the market. We want to be honest with you and please keep your expectations reasonable. Easy to install anywhere with 12V DC Power 12V Power Input Speaker is 6 inches long and 4 inches height 100W Speaker provides very loudly sound - about 115 decibels unit at full volume. 5 Siren sounds: Hooter/Ambulance/Traffic/Police/Fire alarm Microphone for PA system Rated voltage: 12V-14.4V DC Input Current: 1300-1500mA Sound pressure level: 115 ± 3dB (Max) Output Power: 60W ABS housing in black ******No volume control******** VERY WEAK MIC - This is not a professional product!

Technical Details

  • 5 Siren sounds: Hooter/Ambulance/Traffic/Police/Fire - 115 Max SPL DB
  • Easy to install anywhere with 12V DC Power - See Images
  • Strictly for Non-Professional Use - This is not a professional product! The mic can be extended we do not sell extension wire.
  • Microphone for PA (Very Weak, Not Loud) - Video of the product can be found on You Tube.
  • Dear customers please understand this product is designed for custom installation. It needs 12V Power delivered to 2 wires. You may have to extend the wire between the speaker and the control module if you are mounting this in your engine bay. Considering the price, this product is a fantastic value, however please don't expect professional grade equipment at this price. If you are installing this on your cigar plug in your vehicle, you may need to increase the fuse on your cigar outlet. Wiring and modification should be expected.

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