Poorboy’s World SSR 2.5 Medium Super Swirl Remover – 16 oz


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as of 06/06/2023 (Details)

Super Swirl Remover 2.5 (SSR2.5) Swirl Remover 2.5 more than a polish, less than a compoundis heavy enough to effectively handle surface blemishes such as swirls, oxidation, fine scratches, and overspray on almost any surfacepaint, clear coat, chrome, glass, plastic, gel coat or plexiglass. Unique cleaners and mild abrasives in the light purple formula break down rapidly to remove mars and contaminants from the finish quickly, thoroughly and completely! The really radical stuffleave to SSR3! This professional-grade polish can be used safely by a professional or a beginner. It brings out vivacious color, luster and shine! The beauty of it is that, unlike most mild abrasives, you can go directly from this product to your favorite wax or sealant no polish step needed!

Technical Details

  • Poorboy's Super Swirl Remover can be applied by hand or with a polisher, by a professional or a novice.
  • All Poorboy's products are formulated to be used in or out of the sun.
  • SSR2.5 contains no silicone or wax.

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