Power Abused, Power Healed


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In a world in which the abuse of power is rampant, so also is its exposure in every context. This exposure brings it out into the light of day for healing. We cannot heal the misuse of power simply by action in the outer world. We each need to do the healing of our relationship with power within ourselves. Power Abused, Power Healed helps us to see our relationship with power and to do the healing within. Weaving fairy tale with current life events, Power Abused, Power Healed teaches us about the misuse and abuse of power...and the vast healing that is possible individually and globally. The stories are set in the context of the healing arts, with windows and doors that lead into other arenas in our lives. At the end of each chapter a special section called Here and Now makes healing personal for readers, inviting them to examine their own feelings and thoughts about each story. It is Judith's intention to create a river of healing and transformation that gathers energy and strength as it flows through our world...healing the misuse and abuse of power and in its place, creating the exquisite use of power.

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