Power Up HydraMaxx Hydraulic Fluid Additive 1L Bottle


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

HydraMaxx: A high performance hydraulic oil additive package designed for blending with synthetic or conventional hydraulic oils. Provides extra protection for hydraulic systems, also to be used in automatic transmissions. Engineered to perform in extreme conditions Extend Oil service life Blends seamlessly with Synthetic and Conventional Oils Separates Water from Hydraulic fluids Enhances cold weather operation Improve energy efficiency Provides greater protection for equipment Reduce downtime and catastrophic failure Provides long term protection for pumps, valves, motors, cylinders, seals and hoses Contains no solid lubricants (MoS2, Zinc, Graphite, PTFE etc.)

Technical Details

  • Viscosity Index Improvers: Enhanced VII maintain lubricant flow and improve shear stability of the oil, especially at extreme temperatures.
  • Water Demulsifiers: Improves fluid ability to separate from water, virtually eliminating hydraulic issues related to water.
  • Pour Point Depressants: Reduce the pour point and improve flow at low temperatures.
  • Detergents and Dispersants: Enhances the fluid's ability to clean and disperse contaminants.
  • Extreme Pressure/Anti-Wear additives: Polarized AW, Friction Modifier and EP components provide unequaled protection for pumps, pistons, and sleeves. Fluid strength in increased allowing for significant friction reduction and protection of vital hydraulic components. Polarized film protects pumps during start up conditions.

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