Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant


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as of 10/16/2021 (Details)

Fertility-friendly Pre-Seed lubricant relieves vaginal dryness without harming sperm. The Pre-Seed Combo Pack delivers moisture inside and out- to best mimic your own fertile fluids. Published studies show sperm-safety. Clinically tested and doctor recommended. Plant-based arabinogalactan provides antioxidant support. Made in America

Technical Details

  • Pre~Seed provides moisture without harming sperm
  • Pre~Seed is the first "sperm-friendly" Intimate Moisture that mimics natural body fluids to relieve vaginal dryness
  • Safe for use when trying to conceive
  • When trying to conceive, consult a physician if you are not pregnant after 6 months of product use.

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