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The Precise 200 MC is a combined fingerprint and smart card reader, benefiting from the best in both technologies. This reader is perfect for commercial and government users, providing secure and convenient two-factor authentication. Designed for office applications requiring reliable and accurate biometric authentication, the Precise 200 MC offers outstanding performance and ease-of-use. The Precise 200 MC is ideal for daily logical access control for single-user authentication. Combining fingerprint recognition and smart card technologies, you get the authentication methods - Match-on-Card. With the well-proven and widely deployed Precise Match-on-Card technology, Precise Biometrics is a recognized world-leader in this field. Precise Match-on-Card stores and matches the fingerprint information in the secure environment of the card itself, and thereby eliminates the need for processing sensitive information in PCs and databases, which could be considered weak links in the security chain and may risk user integrity. Precise Match-on-Card and Precise 200 MC readers are deployed in large scale among users within national and local government, bank and finance institutions as well as other enterprises.

Technical Details

  • Precise Biometrics 200 MC Combination Fingerprint and Smart Card Reader.
  • USB Interface

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